Our place of practice, dubbed “Owls Nest North Collaboration,” is a
safe & comfortable space we’ve created for self-expression & learning.
We are sensitive to your needs & comfort & are committed to practicing
in the community in which we live & work.

We believe that it’s no longer enough to rely on our local & national
social service organizations to care for our communities, as evidenced
by dwindling programs for struggling & marginalized people, & that
for-profit enterprise must step up to gather the slack left by these
agencies. Our intention is to foster a shared sense of community
responsibility & social consciousness.

How will we accomplish that, you ask?
First: by considering & recognizing the social & cultural contexts of
every client we work with & not mistaking related factors as “problems”
but simply pieces of the complex work of art that is you.

Second: by actively educating & challenging ourselves with regard to
these factors & remaining open & humble to your corrections where we
don’t have it quite right.

Third: by adopting the stance that we are all equally important parts
of a whole & that our relationship is one of collaboration, not of an
“unwell client & expert healer” dynamic.

And fourth: by promoting the notion that people care about one another
& are not only willing, but eager, to support each other toward the
end of a healthier community.

As such, we offer roughly half of our client hours to those who aren’t
able to pay full price at a discounted rate. For those who have the
means to pay the full cost of counseling services, they can be secure
in the knowledge that they are supporting others in their community
grow by supporting socially conscious business practices

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